Won’t there be a negative impact on Junction 14 of M5?

Highways England is already committed to improvements to this junction.

Sharpness Vale will be designed and developed to facilitate local living, reducing the need to travel long distances for day-to-day needs. There will be a focus on “personal transport” such as cycling and walking. A network of new routes for walking, cycling and other personal transport modes will provide safe and convenient access to the neighbourhoods and local centre. The layout will give priority and emphasis to these modes over roads, so that it is more convenient to travel sustainably than by private car.

Passenger services will be re-instated on the existing railway line, providing a new railway station at the heart of Sharpness Vale and a modern rail service connecting to Cam and Dursley and onwards to Gloucester. Dedicated and bespoke coach and bus services will be available from the outset, with links to key employment, education and other destinations.

The objective is to make provision for every journey to be made sustainably, with less emphasis on the need to use cars through the delivery of a comprehensive alternative network for sustainable modes of travel.

We are also committed to providing investment for improvements to some local roads where required.