Where would the residents work? Won’t they all be commuting to Bristol?

Sharpness Vale will be a catalyst for innovation  – a place to work and learn as well as live. Drawing on Sharpness’s proud industrial heritage, but with a modern sustainable twist, Sharpness Vale will provide a 10 ha business park centred on knowledge intensive industries .

This will help meet demand in Stroud district for modern employment space. The employment space could include a new innovation hub for start-up businesses and young entrepreneurs, workshop style units and small-scale offices. Jobs, businesses and learning opportunities on the site will help to reduce the need to commute. We are partnering with Virgin Media to deliver lightning-fast broadband with top average speeds of 1Gbps to the area. This will enable new and existing business opportunities to prosper and maintain competitiveness in the market; and home working which helps to reduce commuting by car.