Our Climate Change Manifesto

Challenging convention and delivering change

We’re committed to ensuring that sustainable development at Sharpness Vale will help tackle the climate emergency. Our Climate Change Manifesto explains how we will fulfil this promise.

Sharpness Vale can contribute to slowing down global warming simply by:

  • Changing the way we do things
  • Challenging convention, and
  • Delivering transformational change.

The key principles of Sharpness Vale’s design are:

Free from fossil fuels

Less need for travel

Less waste from the community

Energy and heat efficient in buildings so that they consume less throughout the year

Green corridors throughout that absorb carbon and enhance bio-diversity.

Sharpness Vale will help deliver Gloucestershire County and Stroud District Councils’ climate change strategies through accelerating change that will reduce carbon emissions and create an exemplar development for district and county.

Our Manifesto

  1. The Sharpness Vale Development will be designed to address the climate change agenda.
  2. We will design and develop a green infrastructure with the development from the outset, that can be extended intosuccessive phases of development post 2040.
  3. The development will provide a genuine mix of uses to ensure that people have the opportunity to both live andwork in the same community without the need to travel further afield.
  4. By design, we will get people out of their cars and make travel in and around the community more convenient bypersonal modes of transport on segregated personal transport routes.
  5. We will reconnect the passenger rail service so longer distance journeys can by undertaken by rail.
  6. We will create a demand responsive public transport service from the outset so that public transport to and fromthe settlement will be more convenient and efficient.
  7. The entire development will get heat and energy from renewable energy sources only.
  8. The design of the development will be based on green corridors that will deliver biodiversity enhancementscentredon the building with nature design and philosophy.
  9. All new buildings will be designed to take renewable energy sources without the need for expensive retrofitting.
  10. Sharpness Vale will be an exemplar for Gloucestershire.